How to Have Bouncy Curly Hair


Easy Hair Tip

For beautiful Barbie Doll hair without going to the salon, here is something you’ll like.  It’s a tip that is particularly good for shorter hair, because it’s often hard to make your short hair look interesting.  When I mean shorter, obviously, I mean long enough to hold a curl and have some weight.  Somewhere near or past the shoulders is good for this.  Another thing this hairstyle does is add volume to the hair; making your hair look bigger.

Woman with Curly hair
beautiful curly hair

If you don’t already have one, grab a thin, ceramic tong, curling iron from your local store and get ready for use.  We are not going to be using any brush attachment with this, so disregard any attachments that may have come with the iron.

While the iron is heating up, spray heat protectant all over your hair.  This is an inexpensive product and can be found in any Walmart, CVS, or department store.  There are several to pick from for under $20.00.

After spraying, section your hair the top from your bottom and sides.  I like to use a bungee so as not to pull any hair.

The next thing here is a big tip that mostly only top stylist know.  That is to add hairspray to your hair before you style it.  You may wonder if it’s too damaging to your hair to do this, but truth is…when you add heat to your hair your damaging it anyway. So, there is really no avoiding it if you want curly hair.

I like to start with the back of the hair because its the hardest to do.  Going along the back, twist the lock of hair around the wand holding the wand upside down.  Hold for 10 seconds and keep going around until you have  all the curls you want.

As you move along through your hair, spray each section with your hair spray just before heating.

For the curliest look, grab small locks of hair.  Try selecting bunches of hair about an inch to inch and a half in diameter.  This process will take some time, like 20 – 40 minutes but will yield great results.

When finished, gently use a large brush through your hair on the top of your head.  This will loosen the curls some and make your hair have more volume.  When it looks perfect, just finish off with a final spray of hair spray.

For an awesome look without going to the salon, this will do the trick.