How Aging Doesn’t Mean The Best Is Behind You

Popular culture has a variety of myths about aging, that has lead to some discrimination.  It is unfortunate that this way of thinking persists, because it is not based on facts.  People are living longer with a better quality of life than in any time in recent history.  Keep reading for some good ways to keep living your best life, no matter how many birthdays you have.

Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo.

It sounds crazy, but just smiling more will not only improve your attitude, and make you more likable; but it helps you to avoid getting wrinkles.  Constantly remind yourself to smile by reminding yourself how much it will payoff in years to come
The mind is like a muscle, and if not used will grow weak.  by constantly challenging yourself in learning, you avoid your brain growing old.  Find something you enjoy and stretch yourself to learn more and become better at it.  No matter what age, learning a new language, and reading new challenging books will keep you quick witted and young.  don’t be concerned about completing the task, just keep working to grow
You are probably already aware how important diet is to staying youthful.  Just a reminder, though, to stay away from cholesterols, fats, and terns fats.  Eat plenty of fruits, whole grans and vegetables.  this type of Mediterranean diet will give you youthful energy while lengthening your days.
The importance of sleep cant’ be overstated.  Starting at a young age, if you get seven to eight hours of sleep it keeps your hormone levels in balance, keeps your relaxed through the day, and allows you to handle stress.  this is especially important as you age.  without proper sleep you become more irritable, and have a hard time enjoying life

Like your brain, your muscle need to stay active. Make a point to walk a half hour a day (after a meal is always good) five days a week.  Add some strength training to your weekly routine.  Staying fit will keep you young, but don’t over do it.  Stay within your doctors recommendations, and be more sensitive to the fact that you will not recover from exercise like you used to.

Keep other peoples needs in your mind all the time.  Spread happiness everywhere you go.  As you age, the purposes and meaning of life will become more important to you, and when it does; make helping others your pass time.  this, no doubt, will give you the greatest joy in life.  If you don’t feel like caring for others, then fake it.  Your heart will follow your actions.
No matter where you live, make it your own.  If it’s a place you have lived a long time, keep it spruced up by changing around the furniture and updating the décor.  If it’s a new place, make sure to design it to make you feel pleasant.  Your environment should aid you in achieving your goals of being healthy, happy and caring of others.

Stay away from excessive make up.   If you are concerned about the way your skin looks.  Do not use foundation or powder makeup.  as you age your skin needs additional hydration .    Stick with the simpler beauty products like lip gloss, eyeliner  and mascara to bring your attributes to light.

Your age can be your best asset in life.  You have more experience, understanding, and wisdom than most around you .  With vibrant physical and emotional existence you are ready to really go places in life.  Using these tips will help the aging process go smoothly.